The Robin Hood

The Robin Hood, Newark, Nottinghamshire

Once the town’s smartest hotel, it has been derelict since 1998 and is now scheduled for demolition. Note the illuminated neon sign just below the roofline.

The Angel

The Angel, Preston, Lancashire

A double-fronted pub on a side street just west of the town centre, which I understand is soon to be reopened.

The Spotted Cow

The Spotted Cow, Huddersfield, Yorkshire

A substantial stone-built inter-wars pub on the main Rochdale road to the west of the town, still displaying Bass livery.

The Greyhound

The Greyhound, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

An attractive gabled pub on a corner site on the main Worcester Road to the south of the town. Still open on Streetview in July 2016.

The Alsager Arms

The Alsager Arms, Alsager, Cheshire

A substantial pub next to the station to the south of the town centre that has recently been demolished.

The Pudding & Pint

The Pudding & Pint, Kingstanding, Birmingham

A typical West Midlands inter-wars suburban pub that StreetView shows as having been closed since at least 2009 and is now in a very sorry state.

The Stamford Arms

The Stamford Arms, Little Bollington, Cheshire

A handsome mock-Tudor Edwardian roadhouse formerly tied to Whitbread. For many years it traded as a Beefeater, but in its latter days was rebranded as “Home”, as shown on the StreetView image. Not boarded up as such, but looking very sorry for itself now.

(My own picture)

The Liver Inn

The Liver Inn, Rhydtalog, Denbighshire

Once a prominent landmark on the A5104 Chester-Corwen road, this pub closed in 2007, although it still looks in good condition on the 2009 StreetView image. The photo was taken in 2012 and it is now in a much sorrier state. There are plans to redevelop it as housing. In its latter days I recall it being owned by Hydes Brewery.

The Silver Springs

The Silver Springs, Denton, Lancashire

A handsome corner pub just north of the town centre next to the M67 motorway, which appears in the photo, taken on 2 January 2017, to have been freshly boarded up.

(My own picture)

The Four in Hand

The Four in Hand, Hattersley, Cheshire

A striking 1960s estate pub built in to one side of a tower block of flats, with the main drinking area on the first floor.

The Unity

The Unity, Stockport, Cheshire

A redbrick pub with attractive stonework prominently situated on the busy A6 right opposite the access road to Stockport station. It is believed that Robinson’s Brewery may still have plans to resurrect this one.